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Your Social Media Network was created with the active and curious internet network user in mind. We encourage you to create a community profile, using Google Friend Connect and filling out the basic contact information. We assure you that you will not be spammed. All efforts will be made to ensure proper conduct and respect shown to all participants.

Without your input, this website won’t achieve its ultimate goal, which is to create a network of proactive users, sharing of both their questions and wisdom in the online networking world. The excitement of interaction with people from all over the world is what makes this an exciting time to be involved in such an online network. Discussions about hosting webinars, blog content generation, best software to use for video upload, product creation, monetizing your site, closing sales, etc… will be among the topics we will discuss. You will also find that with participating, the breadth of knowledge and experience expands, thus creating an even larger wealth of information and perspective.



It was certainly our pleasure to have you at our PR Council of Lake County meeting yesterday. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with us. You presented a very solid overview of the topics.

Warm regards,
David M
Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Hi Eddie,

I heard your presentation this morning and I had a few questions for you. First of all, would you be able to send me the stats you referred to earlier that could help me sell the idea of social media to those higher in my organization?

All in all great presentation! I appreciate your openness for questions.

Lizzie C
Marketing Specialist


I thoroughly enjoyed your talk today with the PR Council of Lake County

Thank You!
Margaret V
Communications Coordinator


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